Book Trailers

Grade 6 - 2013

A Child's Garden
City Dog, Country Frog
The Sweetest Fig
Those Shoes
City Dog, Country Frog 2
Harry and Hopper
The Heart and the Bottle

Grade 6 - 2012

The Incredible Book Eating Boy
Potatoes, Potatoes
The Sandwich Swap
The Enemy
Mr. Peabody's Apples
The Incredible Book Eating Boy 2
The Widow's Broom
Mama Miti


Grade 6 - 2011

Train to Somewhere
The Lost Thing
Faithful Elephants
Train to Somewhere 2
The Enemy
Rose Blanche
The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley


Grade 6 - 2010

Fly Away Home 1
How to Live Forever
Feathers and Fools
Fly Away Home 2
Just a Dream
The Bracelet
Way Home